This Card Might Be Bad, But Not As Bad As Deadspin

I have to admit, I am a victim of UFC oversaturation, but this post is ridiculous. Tell, me, Deadspin, how is the UFC supposed to discover and build new superstars without putting on lots of shows? How can you compare the UFC, an organization that has been fighting for legitimacy for barely 10 years in a sport that is seen as vicious and grotesque, to the NBA, which is based on a sport that was invented in the United States over 100 years ago? Are you actually upset that there’s more awesome fighting on CABLE FUCKING TV than ever before, in the middle of literally hundreds of channels of shitty scripted reality shows? Or are you just writing up contrarian clickbait for Gawker, since that’s what actually makes you money, not actual interesting content? If you’re so turned off by the UFC, go do something you actually like to do, like repost some gifs you found on Imgur without attribution.

Now that I’ve made this a platform for my reactionary rants, let’s talk about some fights!

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